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Margaritaville at Falmouth Jamaica Cruise Port / travel

Margaritaville at Falmouth Jamaica Cruise Port
Margaritaville Falmouth will offer an array of new experiences that Parrot heads and Jimmy Buffett enthusiasts will be sure to enjoy. The location will include trendy options in the Trading Post gift shop, personalized glass etching, unique private label rum bottling and photo opportunities. The restaurant setting provides the option of dining on a courtyard patio or relaxing in the coolest dining room in the cruise port! A pirate themed bar offers the option of chilling with friends or you can mosey on back to the surfboard bar for perfect margaritas!

Margaritaville Falmouth Jamaica will offer new experiences not usually associated with your typical Margaritaville locations. The Trading Post Gift Shop will offer more upscale items such as personalized etching on glass ware and private rum bottle labeling. The restaurant offers both courtyard dining and what is described as the “coolest dining room” in the cruise port.

Margaritaville Falmouth offers 2 bars. A pirate themed bar for anyone looking at 40 while a surfboard bar will make you your favorite Margaritaville Margarita. Either way they are geared toward relaxation with your friends and family.

The Margaritaville Falmouth Jamaica location is adjacent to a major cruise port, thus the reason this location was built. With the growing tourist groups, Margaritaville Falmouth will be expanding to add more attractions including a replica of Dunn’s River Falls, and more water attractions next to their ginormous swimming pool.
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