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Allure of the Seas Facts / travel

Allure of the Seas Facts
Neighborhoods: Seven (7)
Adventure Ocean
Central Park
Pool & Sports
Vitality Spa & Fitness Center
Entertainment Place
Royal Promenade

Ship's Communication numbers
Sat Telex: 288291939-ALLURE
Sat Phone: 266371-CLASSOASIS
Sat Fax: 2993499193-ROYAL
Mobile: 8828133133-MARINER

Main propulsion--3 x ABB Azipod, each 20 MW
Motors ABB--60 MW = 80.500 HP
Generators--6 with a power of 97 MW each for a total of 130,000 HP
Stabilizers--2 x Biohm & Voss
Bow Thrusters--4 x Wartsila 5.5 MW each; 7.300 HP total of 22 MW of 29.500 HP.
Max speed--24 Knots
Fuel Consumption at full speed--16 Metric Ton/hour = 0.7 Metric Ton/Nautical Mile. 125 Gallon /Nautical Mile; 45 feet/gallon
Fresh Water Production--4 x 825 tons/24 hours +2 x 400 tons/24 hours; Total of 4100 Tons/24 hours
Water Consumption--1700 tons/day
Oil Capacity: 882884

Construction Facts
The aqua theater pool is 17.9 ft deep;the largest performance pool at sea.
Allure of Seas is 75 ft longer than the Freedom class ships.
The Central Park Neighborhood is a living park at sea, with 12,175 plants, 56 trees, 62 vine plants, some over 24 ft in length.
5,070,632 lbs. of water in the swimming pools.
110,231 lbs. of ice cubes made everyday.
4,700,000 lbs. of fresh water consumption per 24 hours.
181 grand blocks were used to construct Allure of the Seas, each block weighed approximately 1,200,000 lbs.
Allure was constructed out of 500,000 individual parts.
150 miles of piping.
3,300 miles of electrical cabies.
158.503 gallons of paint.
1,614,586 square ft of air conditioned area.
968,751 square ft of carpet.
86,111 square ft of windows.
7,000 works of specially commissioned art.
The building of the cruise terminal 18 in Ft. Lauderdale took 62,572,500 pounds of concrete.

Food and Beverage facts
20 chefs, 222 cooks, 102 sanitation and culinary cleaning crew.
15 bar managers/supervisors, 188 bar tenders and bar servers.
25 food service areas including a 24 hour crew windjammer.
37 front bars and 26 back-of-the-house support bars.
28 galleys operating independently, some with a 24 hour operation.
Total of 108 catering areas, bars, galleys, pantries, provision food preparation rooms.
All breads and pastries are made freshly onboard. Our bakery has a machine that makes 4,000 bread rolls in 1 hour.
we make the ice cream for the Ice Cream Parlor onboard.
Each restaurant operates independently with own galleys and culinary and service teams, even each deck of the main dinning rooms.

Costumed in an average week
beef 15,000 lbs.
chicken 16,000 lbs.
pork 10,517 lbs.
lobster 1,800 lbs.
seafood 11,000 lbs.
salmon 4,000 lbs.
fresh eggs 86,400 pcs.
flour 16,5000 lbs.
sugar 3,500 lbs.
coffee 1,500 lbs.
fresh fruit 45,000 lbs.
fresh vegetables 62,000lbs.
fresh berries 600 lbs.
potatoes 18,000 lbs.
ice cream 8,000 gallons.
milk and fresh cream 8,000 gallons.
cheese 5,800 lbs.
beer 8,500 cans.
beer 10,200 bottles.
soda 11,500 cans.
wine 2,225 bottles.
whiskey 175 bottles.
vodka 550 bottles.
champagne 175 bottles.
water 3,500 bottles.
individual yogurts 4,200.
slices of pizza 18,000
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