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Boeing defends Dreamliner battery / travel

Boeing defends Dreamliner battery

Boeing has come out fighting in defence of the battery used in its Dreamliner aircraft.

It follows revelations Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways said they changed a number of the batteries in the months leading up a recent spate of incidents.

Battery problems have led to the grounding of the entire fleet of 787 planes presently with airlines

Boeing said while the replacement rate was “slightly higher” than usual, the changes reported by the two

Japanese carriers were “routine maintenance” and were not due to any safety issues.

The American manufacturer has also suspended deliveries of new Dreamliners while faults are sought.

Over 800 of the aircraft are presently on order.

Boeing chief executive Jim McNerney said it was “business as usual” at Boeing, confirming no slowdown in production of the plane was planned.

“Our plan is to continue production of the 787 and to continue the development of the wide-body airplanes,” he added.

All Dreamliners were grounded after a battery in a Japan Airlines 787 plane caught fire in Boston.

Earlier All Nippon Airways flight was forced to make an emergency landing because of a battery malfunction.

Source: http://www.breakingtravelnews.com/news/article/boeing-defends-dreamliner-battery/
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