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All Inclusive Hotels in Jamaica with Air Transat

Jamaica is bursting with life, not only in the form of biodiversity, but also in terms of humanity and culture. A land of exile where seemingly everyone has sought refuge, Jamaica was first colonized by the Spanish, then the British. Today, 95% of Jamaica's population is of African origin, descendants of hundreds of thousands of slaves brought here from Africa. The black population has laid down roots as deep as those of the colossal tropical trees that still prevail here.  Reserve online for flight and travel discounts to Jamaica with Air Transat or call and speak with one of our travel advisers.  Let us book your next sell off holiday online or by phone because we specialize in the best and budget vacation packages.  Save up to 50% when you book a 1 or 2 week last minute all-inclusive vacation in a 2, 3, 4 and 5 stars hotel.

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