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Cayo Coco / Cuba

Cayo Coco beach Cayo Coco beach Cayo Coco beach

Cayo Coco is an island of about 17 kms in length, connected to the mainland by a man-made roadway.
The main goal of a holiday in Cayo Coco is to take a breather. The primary attraction of this small paradise is the spectacular beach and the breathtaking scenery.
Enjoy silky white sand beaches and crystal clear water. The whole island is an environmentally protected area, home to the largest colony of pink flamingos in the world, as well as pelicans and other seabirds, woodpeckers and of course, the coco bird which gives the island its name.
A coral reef more than 10 kms in length runs along one side of the island, offering wonderful opportunities for snorkellers and scuba divers. The exceptionally clear water affords even novice snorkellers the opportunity to glimpse another world.
Since the reef is only 10-30 meters below the surface, one can see an amazing variety of colourful fish with minimal effort. Special trails dedicated to hiking and cycling are also available for those looking for some land activities.
So pack sunglasses, a hat, sun-block, your camera and lots of film and head to this island of tranquility.



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