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Bordeaux / France

Bordeaux Pont-de-Pierre Bordeaux Pont-de-Pierre Bordeaux Pont-de-Pierre Bordeaux Pont-de-Pierre

The city of Bordeaux is stunning when approached from the south along the river. It's big, with a population of over half a million, and obviously rich – as it has been since the Romans set up a lively trading centre here; even today it still functions as the regional transport hub for Aquitaine. Especially attractive is the relatively small eighteenth-century centre, which has only been improved by the city's space-age tram network, which gives it a modern, electric feel that juxtaposes nicely with its classical architecture.The narrow streets of the eighteenth-century city are lined with grand mansions from Bordeaux's glory days, and much of the area has been done up over recent years, the renovation culminating in the whole of the city centre being awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 2007. Aside from the aesthetic appeal of its old centre, some excellent museums, some even finer restaurants and a fantastic nightlife make Bordeaux an absorbing town, well worth a few days of anybody's time.



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