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MSC Cruises offers a wide range of destinations and itineraries from charming Mediterranean Sea and the breathtaking landscapes of Northern Europe to sun-soaked Caribbean beaches, historic Canada/New England, vibrant South America countries and South Africa spectacular sunsets. For pure romance and relaxation why not choose an MSC Cruises’ Transatlantic? You will wake to the gentle lapping of the waves, bask on the deck in the sun’s warm embrace or gaze in wonder at the night sky while the timeless allure of the sea will gradually work its subtle magic on you.

Fall Foliage Canada & New England Cruises From New York & Quebec City
We invite you to enjoy the beauty of autumn from the private balcony of your stateroom on our first ever fall foliage cruises.

Northern Europe Cruise Deals: Explore The Baltics, Fjords & Beyond With MSC Cruises
La bellezza straordinaria - the extraordinary beauty - of Northern Europe is yours with MSC Cruises. Discover the wonders of the ancient world in Turkey, the treasures of the czars in Russia and the breathtaking power of nature in Scandinavia.

Your Unforgettable South Africa Cruise Vacation
MSC Cruises’ South African cruises are designed to stimulate the senses as you take in everything from the beautiful Portuguese Island to the bustling port city of Durban, all under the magical African sun.

MSC Caribbean Cruises : The Ultimate in Relaxation
The Bahamas, St. Kitts, Barbados, Martinique, Jamaica, Tortola… the names alone conjure up feelings of relaxation and images of Caribbean paradise! MSC is offering some of the best cruise deals around for Caribbean cruises. Join MSC Poesia in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and head off to your Caribbean cruise vacation in style!

MSC Cruises: Magnificent Mediterranean Cruises
Mediterranean cruises are a speciality for MSC. Throughout time, the Mediterranean has attracted the world's greatest explorers, artists, writers and adventurers to its shores. With MSC Cruises, you can follow in their footsteps. Discover how our Italian origin enables us to reveal the secret gems of the Mediterranean and its islands.

MSC Cruises’ South America cruise – a ‘Fiesta’ of Fun!
Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, has a wealth of riches to offer the traveller - from history and wildlife to culture and music. The carnival city of Rio de Janiero, home to the Olympic Games, is worth taking a trip aboard an MSC South American cruise! Whatever your passions and interests, our South America cruises offer a great way to celebrate spring in style!

The True Romance Of Transatlantic Cruises From MSC
La Vita Transcontinental! At the beginning and end of each Caribbean and Mediterranean season, we invite you to participate in a time-honored travel tradition, the Transatlantic cruise.


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