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New travel gadget puts hotel and cruise industries to the ul / voyages

New travel gadget puts hotel and cruise industries to the ul

Last month’s launch of a new UV LED stain detector in flashlight form should make squeamish hotel visitors rest a little easier. The product, called Hotel Inspector™, makes use of ultraviolet light technology to help detect residue from such biological matter as saliva, urine, blood residue, feces, vomit and semen on sheets, towels, carpeting and other surfaces. Since nobody wants to find these things in a hotel room, the availability of this product should put hotel managers on notice.

Its inventor got the idea for the product while on vacation at a highly rated hotel. “I noticed the bathroom towels did not appear to be clean,” she says, “but I wasn’t totally sure.” That, she states, is when the idea hit her. An easy-to-carry flashlight equipped with ultraviolet light would highlight those substances that are invisible to the naked eye.

Small enough to fit easily in pocket, purse or suitcase, the Hotel Inspector™ UV LED Stain Finder uses the same technology as that employed by forensic scientists in crime scene investigations. It should enable travelers to determine for themselves whether the room in which they are spending the night is biologically safe.

When subjected to ultraviolet light, the phosphorus that is normally present in certain organic matter emits a fluorescent glow. Various substances reveal their identities in different ways. Urine, saliva and semen, for example, will glow chartreuse or bright yellow, and a brilliant shade of blue indicates the presence of petroleum jelly. Bloodstains will appear nearly black, and their residue will continue to show up even after several washings.

The inventor feels that all hotel and motel guests have the right to expect cleanliness in the rooms in which they are staying. Since that is not always the case, it is her hope that the Hotel Inspector™ UV LED Light Stain Finder will succeed in ensuring the safety and peace of mind of travelers everywhere. It will also verify whether the hotel and cruise industries are adhering to proper cleaning practices.

Source: http://www.breakingtravelnews.com/news/article/new-travel-gadget-puts-hotel-and-cruise-industries-to-the-ultimate-test/

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