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Quebec dogsled operator adds sport of canicross, stages 5-k / voyages

 Quebec dogsled operator adds sport of canicross, stages 5-k

STONEHAM, Que. - A Quebec dogsledding operator has added the growing sport of canicross to its offerings.

The sport involves running with dogs. A leash attached to the participant's belt connects to a harness worn by the animal. A bicycle version of the sport is called bikejoring.

Pascal Lottin, owner of Aventures Nord-Bec near Stoneham, a half-hour drive north of Quebec City, said he operates about 45 kilometres of trails for dogsledding in winter, using 140 malamutes, huskies and greyhounds.

"We built three other trails this summer for canicross and bikejoring," Lottin said.

Runners can come with their own dogs or use Lottin's. For bikejoring, people provide their own bikes and dogs.

Lottin also stages races and said about 65 competitors showed up for five-kilometre canicross and bikejoring events this summer.

The activity continues at Aventures Nord-Bec until early December when the trails switch over to dogsledding, he said.

According to Canadian Running magazine, canicross is popular in Europe and slowly catching on in Canada, mainly in Quebec.


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